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Introducing Philip Dylan John
Jeff Kassel

Hello, this is Jeff Kassel a.k.a. Philip Dylan John. You are all probably wondering how I make the incredible transition from real life "it" guy to my "regular Joe" character, Philip. Firstly, let me say that this incredible metamorphosis would not be possible without my whole team. Before the cameras are even rolling, I go through hours and hours of hair and make up, my speech coaches work with me around the clock every day to help nail Philip's dialect and accent, and my personal trainer and dietician help me maintain the physical presence of Philip. Finally, "John Q Public" Consultants were brought in to counsel me on Philip's life experiences that I myself was entirely unable to relate to, such as the experience of having a job, and then losing that job. Also, a "Failed Relationships" Counsellor and a "Low Self-Esteem" Coach were brought on to work with me with those aspects of Philips life.

With that foundation, each episode brings new challenges to the ever evolving role. The biggest challenge is keeping Philip real and regular, especially as his life becomes more interesting. I think the magic of the premise of True Fiction is that such a regular guy has such an overwhelming desire and even desperation to be interesting, so it is paramount that Philip stay regular no matter how extraordinary or compelling the situations he gets himself into may be. This brings another challenge, we must not view Philip as a loser. We must be able to relate to and like Philip. Can I pull it off? Can I be lovable yet boring? According to People Magazine (Nov. 2003) "Jeff Kassel... couldn't play boring if he tried." Lets see if I can prove them all wrong, watch True Fiction.

ciao for now,

- Jeff


Philip Dylan John is the hero of our times. Who hasn’t dreamed of their life story being put up there on the screen? Are we Eric Brokovichs or are we uninteresting? I think we are going to see a lot of interesting things happen to Philip. I suggest he goes to the Zoo to see what happens there.

Lisa Sneggler – Hobart, Australia

POSTED BY: ANN ON AUGUST 27, 2006 08:57 PM