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 True Fiction
Is everybody’s story worth telling? Philip Dylan John doesn’t think so. He thinks his own life is boring. That is why he has decided to make a documentary film about it: to try and prove his is a story worth telling. But is it?

 The Last Patient
In the last days of Canada's underfunded medicare system, a young doctor from a small northern Canadian town of Ophelia, Manitoba opens a free medical clinic for her patients. Meanwhile in Ottawa, a popular candidate for Prime Minister stakes his election on eradicating Canada's most treasured social program.

 The Bookworm
One day in the library, seven-year-old Nicolas Advani is scolded by the stern librarian Mrs. Clandeboy, and sent to a seat in the corner, where he falls asleep. Much later, Nicolas wakes up to find the library dark and empty, or not quite empty. He spies Mrs. Clandeboy amongst the shelves, with several other figures around a very large book.

 The Tent
A man enters the tent at a fair belonging to the Great Dahlini. The roof of the tent is covered in stars and planets. The cloaked figure seated at the table asks the man to sit down. He sweeps his arm across the sky and asks where the man would like to go. For a laugh, the man points to a bright star at the top of the tent. When he looks back, the man is gone.

 Brigitte, c'est toi?
Brigitte is new to Toronto. Hired by a publicity firm to handle a temperamental singer from Quebec, Bruno Lussier, Brigitte finds herself struggling to understand the attitudes of the people who work in the heart of Canada's economic engine. Meanwhile, Bruno may be interested in more than just a professional relationship.