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 True Fiction
Is everybody’s story worth telling? Philip Dylan John doesn’t think so. He thinks his own life is boring. That is why he has decided to make a documentary film about it: to try and prove his is a story worth telling. But is it?

The Idea seemed simple. Filmmaker Jason Young felt if you are going to eat meat then you should raise the animals, get to know them, discover their personalities, treat them with respect – and eventually slaughter them yourself. This yearlong experiment will change Jason’s life forever.

 Ten to Go
To try and prove himself as a young writer, Gabe Buff plagerizes one of his famous mother’s early –and obscure- books of poetry. Nobody realizes it and his new success is contingent on finding all the existing copies of this relick and destroying them. It is a search that will send him around the world.

 Jenny Whiteley
Two-time JUNO winner Jenny Whiteley, fuses Blues with Country and Pop to make her one of Canada’s most accomplished singer / songwriters. See her music videos here. You can also see her cameo in TRUE FICTION Episode 3.

Legal issues touch every aspect of our lives, from the trial of Saddam Hussein to the latest NHL contract. On BRIEFS four prominent lawyers, moderated by host Nick Nalor, debate poignant legal issues that range from the sublime to the ridiculous.