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A new format in combination with a new method of distribution seems like our greatest strength but, in fact, 3 o’clock’s greatest asset is its commitment to quality. Quality programming will give 3 o’clock.tv the edge that television networks like HBO have gained. High quality, polished, cutting edge content will keep subscribers coming back month after month, ensuring a steady revenue source that can than be put back into new content.

Documentary. Fiction. Comedy. Drama. Lifestyle. As modern tastes are eclectic and impossible to pigeonhole, all genres will be available at 3 o’clock.tv

3 o’clock.tv includes the audience. The MOVIE CLUB provides, in the form of blogs and on-line chat forums, a platform for viewers to tell us (and each other) what they think. We encourage new story ideas for favourite characters and original ideas for interconnected media spin-offs. Even the on-site advertising will be subject to commentary, which will provide valuable feedback, not just for us, but for our advertisers as well.

The appetite for Internet based entertainment is growing. This new technology offers us an opportunity to develop, produce and distribute content directly to a global audience. No need for a distributor in Japan, a video store in Florida or a broadcaster in Germany. The content goes directly from our server to the viewer.

As the content flows directly from us to the viewer, so does the revenue flow directly back. There is no distributor in the middle. 3 o’clock.tv will combine five methods of revenue generating:

1 - Direct Individual Sale: Each episode will be available to purchase on its own.

2 - Direct Subscription Sale: A subscription will allow you to watch all of 3o’clock’s content for a monthly fee.

3 - Advertising on the site.

4 - Ancillary Marketing: Marketing and merchandising through DVD compilations, t-shirts and ball caps.

5 - Branded Entertainment: Each series will be up for individual sponsorship. We will incorporate a company’s products into the content as well as provide television-style commercials with characters from that series. This is very much in the tradition of early television, and makes advertising more palatable to the Internet audience. Also, by using the characters and themes from the shows themselves, the audience will be more inclined to want to watch the advertisements.

 Our Many Strengths

3oclock.tv is comprised of a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic people. Each brings an area of expertise that ranges from Interactive Design to Film Production and Business Investment. This group of highly respected professionals is tremendously proud of the 3oclock.tv 'Pilot' and is looking forward to nurturing 3oclock.tv into a unique and successful company.

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