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  The Washington Post, August 12 2006 – New Format May Decrease Productivity.
Michael Langer

The new format recently released by 3oclock.tv may not be the boss’s best friend. The new web site, offering original short form serialized content and aimed towards the YouTube using office workers, may mean that three o’clock could become the least productive time of the day. True Fiction the comedic flagship of 3oclock grabs you and it keeps your attention. “I sat down to watch just one episode and I ended up watching for two hours. I think I watched nine episodes,” says Michael Slatovcoski, a temp worker in the Washington Area…

(POSTED 08.29.06)
  Introducing Philip Dylan John
Jeff Kassel

Hello, this is Jeff Kassel a.k.a. Philip Dylan John. You are all probably wondering how I make the incredible transition from real life "it" guy to my "regular Joe" character, Philip. Firstly, let me say that this incredible metamorphosis would not be possible without my whole team. Before the cameras are even rolling, I go through hours and hours of hair and make up, my speech coaches work with me around the clock every day to help nail Philip's dialect and accent, and my personal trainer and dietician help me maintain the physical presence of Philip. . .

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  Ten To Go Update – May 3, 2006
Jay Ferguson

Ten To Go wraps up shooting its first season this week. It has been quite an adventure that has taken us from New York to Paris to Chile and back to Toronto. We are very excited with the results and think that TEN TO GO will become a staple series at 3oclock.tv. Post-production starts next week and the show should be ready to go as scheduled this September. (Look for a cameo from Madonna in episode 12) Before we start working on the scripts for the second season, we ask our faithful audience for suggestions on where they think the series should go. So please watch the series and let us know.

(POSTED 08.29.06)