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 Ten To Go
To try and prove himself as a young writer, Gabe Buff plagiarizes one of his famous mother’s early –and obscure- books of poetry. Nobody realizes it and his new success is contingent on finding all the existing copies of this relic and destroying them. It is a search that will send him around the world.

 Homeland Security
Dad's gotta wonder what's going on. He suspects his wife is having an affair with his brother. His three daughters are all scary to him. Susan is never without a new boyfriend. Emily is convinced that the revolution is coming and her Dad will be the first to go. Tracy seems to be selling drugs from the family garage. Dad's gonna take control.

 Not In Our Name
A young soccer team from the suburbs of Cleveland gets together after practices on a regular basis. The coach wants to teach the kids how to live good values. But what if those values include subversion and possibly terrorism?

 April In Love
After ten years of living together April and Sunny are ready to tie the knot. The plans are set in motion but when their families begin to get involved they begin to wonder if life was not simpler before the engagement. Is a wedding really what April and Sunny need?

 Socrates' Dilemma
A prolonged conflict in Albania has led to several army casualties. In the House of Commons the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, Terence Babstock rises to once again lead the charge against further involvement. Mina Habibi, head of an international coalition against human rights abuses fights for support.