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 Episode 1
 New York

Duration: 15:57 mins

Gabe is not a very good poet. It doesn’t help his self-esteem that his mother is one of the country’s best. In an attempt to prove to her he is a worthwhile writer he plagiarizes her early works and passes them off as his own.

 Episode 2
 Used Books

Gabe gets lost on his way to New York. He picks up a hitchhiker who helps him get back on track. Gabe tries to convince her he is a great poet but she doesn’t bite. It turns out she knows more about literature than he does.



 Episode 3
 The Last Straw

Finally in New York, Gabe can begin his search. But the thriving metropolis starts to become a distraction. He finally gets back on track after talking to his mother and sensing she may want to come and join him.