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The Idea seemed simple. Filmmaker Jason Young felt if he was going to continue to eat meat then he should raise the animals, get to know them, discover their personalities, treat them with respect – and eventually slaughter them himself. This yearlong experiment will change Jason’s life forever.

 Alter Egos
Ryan is living every artist’s worst nightmare: loosing his desire to create and to provide for himself. He panhandles on the street to make ends meet. But more than thirty years ago, he was among the world’s most celebrated animators and an Oscar nominee.

 In the Big Leagues
Michael's Dad loves watching his twelve-year-old play hockey on his little league team. Trouble's brewing when the coach and Dad don't see eye to eye on Michael's abilities.

 Run Free!
Is there such a thing as a free-run chicken? What is going on at these organic farms? Who says that cows and pigs with anti-biotics are bad for you anyway? What is Monsanto's side of the story.

 One New Trick
At his fiftieth birthday party, Jeremy Carvalho announces that he is going back to school to study English Literature. His wife is concerned, and his Mother is hysterical. His fellow students think he's loveable, but crazy. Jeremy just wants to learn, but can he avoid the professor, Marlena Jennings?