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Comedy  Episode 1
 It's All About Control

Duration: 10:54 mins

Jason begins his journey by collecting animals on his new 27-acre farm in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. He gathers chickens, rabbits, sheep and pigs in preparation for his experiment.

 Episode 2
 First Kill

Duration: 8:00 mins

Jason learns about farm life and the realities of keeping livestock. His animals must be fed, watered, even castrated – and he must do it himself. Having never slaughtered an animal before, he visits his sister-in-law to observe the slaughter of one of her rabbits in preparation for his first kill.


 Episode 3
 Worst Haircut Ever

Duration: 5:47 mins

Summer arrives on the farm and Jason must expand his knowledge of animal care. His first attempt at sheering a sheep results in the worst hair cut in the world.

Comedy  Episode 4

Duration: 11:10 mins

Jason must now face Red, one of his pigs, to which he has created a close bond. He invites a local farmer, Rob Bryden, to help him through the complicated process of slaughtering and eviscerating Red for the BBQ at which he will be the guest of honour.

 Episode 5

Duration: 14:43 mins

A few months have passed and the livestock is growing. Jason struggles with the concepts of Man’s dominance over animals. He begins to wonder if it is natural to domesticate animals for consumption. He is not entirely comfortable with playing the role of God but he also cannot keep these animals as pets.


 Episode 6
 Like Rabbits

Duration: 9:45 mins

Winter is time for reproducing. Jason visits Carl Tanis, the local rabbit expert, to learn how to breed his rabbits.
Another neighbour, John Garrits, brings his Boar to inseminate Ernestine, Jason’s last remaining pig. ‘Ernie’ by now has grown to be four hundred pounds. It’s fascinating, if not romantic.

Comedy  Episode 7

Duration: 12:41 mins

With a year of experience under his belt Jason is beginning to resemble a seasoned farmer. Now he must face his final challenge. JB, a full-grown Bull Cow, is Jason’s favourite and ready for slaughter. Will Jason be able to face this final test?