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Comedy  Episode 1
 Ryan and Chris

Duration: 5:15 mins

Chris Landreth is one of the most celebrated animators in the world. His Friend, Ryan Larkin, used to be one of the most celebrated animators in the world. Now he is a panhandler. Why are they friends?

 Episode 2
 From France to
 the Film Board

Duration: 6:27 mins

Chris premieres his film in Monaco, France at the Prestigious Imagina animation festival. The international audience gets their first glimpse of Ryan’s story and the seeds of his unlimited talents.


 Episode 3
 Genius and
 Substance Abuse

Duration: 8:15 mins

Ryan rises at the National Film Board of Canada under the tutelage of the world-renowned animator Norman McLaren. At the height of his creative peak, and an Oscar nomination under his belt, Ryan begins to unravel.

Comedy  Episode 4
 The Long Road Down

Duration: 7:31 mins

Ryan becomes a rebel at the NFB but his loss of control leads to the end of his career and the end of his creative output.

 Episode 5
 Damage Control?

Duration: 4:56 mins

Chris’s phenomenal rise as an animator takes us through a number of films and an Oscar nomination. It all culminates with ‘RYAN’ but what does Ryan think?


 Episode 6

Duration: 13:01 mins

Chris finally shows Ryan the finished film. Watch the Oscar winning short along side him. Does he like it?

Comedy  Episode 7
 Was It Worth It?

Duration: 7:02 mins

Ryan is candid about his reactions to the film. How does he like seeing himself portrayed in a million dollar animated short? How will it change his life?