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Legal issues touch every aspect of our lives, from the trial of Saddam Hussein to the latest NHL contract. On BRIEFS four prominent lawyers, moderated by host Nick Nalor, debate poignant legal issues that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Each episode is feisty, informative and very entertaining.

 Martinis and Kisses
Jenna is twenty-something, single, and has a fabulous career choosing and recommending art for exclusive buyers. She eats at impeccably set tables in well-appointed restaurants. She always seems to have the best sofa in the club lounge. The men who court her are intelligent, well-dressed and confident.


 Lost and Found
What happens to the things that get lost in our society? Host Kevin Gallant examines every form of lost and found from the public transit system to the SPCA. Why do we lose so much and, more importantly, is anything replaceable?

 American Consumer
An informative look at advertising and how it affects our daily lives. AMERICAN CONSUMER follows the Kelly family over a year of their lives to see how they react to the consumer culture around them.

This series follows six teens through their transition from high school to university. See how their lives change with these newfound freedoms and responsibilities.