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Comedy  Episode 1
 A Boring Life

Duration: 9:20 mins

When Philip’s life falls apart it is in a spectacular fashion. What do you do when your wife leaves you, your father dies, and you lose your job? You make a documentary about it.


 Episode 2
 My Father was Jewish?

Duration: 9:49 mins

Philip begins to find that maybe his life isn’t as boring as he thought it was.



 Episode 3
 I Spy

Duration: 12:04 mins

Ever wanted to know what your ex-wife is doing when you are not around? Using the latest in spy technology, Philip decides to find out.


 Episode 4

Philip is forced to go underground until he can figure out why so many people want to kill him.


 Episode 5
 Library Love

Philip goes incognito to the central branch of the public library. There he meets Celeste, who not only wants to help him but may also be falling in love with him.